MPS layby holidays 

Don’t miss out on the best holiday deals. Our layby holidays cover flights, accommodation tours and activities, travel insurance and much more.

  • choose your holiday, talk to us today on 02 6123 0567
  • book your holiday with a deposit
  • pay it off in instalments: weekly, fortnightly or monthly, whatever suits you.
  • you receive a monthly statement to keep track until full payment is received

Payment options:

  • Electronic transfer via direct deposit.
  • Pay via debit card, credit cards,
  • Pay via cheque or cash

Conditions & Terms

  • Airfares must be paid in full up front in order to secure your preferred time and date
  • Full payment must be received by before your travel date stipulated by the travel vendor requirements.
  • Credit card payments attract a transaction fee.

We can find your dream holiday today. Talk to us about a layby holiday on 02 6123 0567.