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Play it out on the High Seas

If you are after something fun and exciting, a themed cruise offers you the opportunity to indulge in  your passion and cruise with like-minded people. Imagine hobnobing with famous musicians, authors, athletes, top bridge players, comedians, big name chefs, and attending the Melbourne Cup. The onboard activities can include performances, lectures, workshops and Q&A in intimate settings. 

For example, a golf cruise allows golfers to play a cruise itinerary dotted with world-renowned courses, while a dancing cruise can be versatile enough for both seasoned foxtrotters and beginners.

The choice is yours!

Our travel designers at MPS | Travel + Tours can offer you a variety of choices to suit your needs and hip pocket! Chat to our cruise designers today on 02 6123 0567.  There are so many on offer, these are our picks!

*Please note these cruise fares and offers are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change and availability. 



MPS | Travel + Tours Cruise connections

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